Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Water Slides, Should I Offer Them To My Customers?

Residential Water Slide Custom Model PS50L-C in Light Blue

So, you have run across Paradise Slides, a family owned company who specializes in Custom Fiberglass Water Slides for Residential Homes and you are thinking to yourself...

Are water slides something that can be profitable for my company?

YES - Of course any time that you can add a feature to the pool you are already installing or upgrading then there is the potential to make more money. Plus, Paradise Slides offers a discount to all our contractors! Contact Us if you would like a copy of our Contractor Price List.

Are water slides something that my customers would even want?

YES - Water Slides are a growing trend in the pool industry. It's like having a water park in your own back yard with no lines, no lugging all of that gear to the water park, and best of all, no red stinging eyes from the urine in public pools. Yeah we heard about that study by the CDC too...gross! I think the question is not "Who would want a water slide in their back yard?" but rather "Who wouldn't want one?"

Are water slides easy to install?

YES - Let me start by saying that anybody with minimal construction experience can install our slides, and guess what, the picture at the top of this post was actually installed by a homeowner! If you are thinking about offering our water slides to your customers but not sure what actually goes into the me, Lynette at (706) 865-4849. I will be happy to send some installation instructions and don't forget, we are always here to help during the process if you have questions.

Check over all slide sections to ensure you put them in the right order.
Dry bolt the slide before pouring your piers to ensure proper placement.

The slide is up, now to build the steps and platform!


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